MFMR Clinic Day in Truro, 2012 Wrap Up

If you weren’t there you missed out on a great day!

First, Dave Gunn presented some great information about how he goes about constructing his amazing structures.  Some of the information he presented was a repeat of his presentation at the Convention in Halifax but the extra time allotted for these clinics allowed him to go into much greater detail.  It is surprising how easy it is to make great scratch built structures if you take your time and plan all the elements you need to have in the building.

Then it was Scott Jay’s turn to share some of his trade secrets for making great looking foreground trees.  Each participant got to make both a hardwood and a softwood, tree.  He talked about other materials you can use to make various types of trees and enhance their look.  I think everyone realized by the end of the session that it’s hard to make a mistake when making trees since there is so much variety in nature.  Thank you to Don’s HO and Your Digital Coach for donating supplies.

We had a great lunch of pizza, and there was lots of it.  No one left hungry!

Dave Gunn was back after lunch with a hands on clinic of applying both decals and dry transfers.  He noted the pros and cons of each and then gave each of us a box car, decals, and dry transfers to experiment with.  Thanks to Maritime Hobby for donating these items.

As a bit of an afternoon learning break Barry Wile lead a discussion about the proposed Model Railroad Course.  The Truro Club has been approached to put on such a course and Barry wanted some input on their plan to make sure they were on the right track (pardon the pun) and not missing anything important.

To close out the afternoon Dave McMahon showed us all that it is not that difficult to paint generic hill and tree scenes on our backdrops.  We all got a piece of backdrop material to practice on.  It was a great exercise that really helped to boost our confidence.

All in all it was a very good day – and a great day to be indoors working on model railroad stuff (due to the heavy rain coming down outside).  I think everyone is looking forward to the next MFMR Clinic Day.

Thank you to Jeff Skaling for providing these photos…

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