History of the Transcontinental Railway

Jeff and I received a request from a teacher and one of her students from Indiana.  We don’t normally add links to our site I think we can make an exception in this case.  They provided us with a great link on the history of the railway in North America, although it is primarily American railroads.

Here is the message we received…

Hello Jeff and Scott and greetings from Indiana and Ms. Ward's classroom!

I hope you don't mind me contacting you both like this! I'm currently working 
with my class to help revamp our class website with lots of new sections and 
information for students, parents, educators, etc. (in desperate need of an 
update). One of my students, Carrie, came across your page,
http://mfmr.ca/links/nova-scotia-groups/ while searching for resources for our 
Hobbies page and found some great information there that we will most likely be 
using on my site.

As part of our project, the kids are required to find and share a resource with 
the folks that we have borrowed information from for "using their stuff," as one 
student put it (haha). Carrie thought that this resource would go well on your 

"The History of the Transcontinental Railroad"

My hope is that if you find it useful at all, you might consider posting it 
along with the other link resources on your site. When I am able to show the 
kids that someone posted their suggestion, it really acts as a mini-motivator 
and keeps them excited and engaged in the project (which is obviously awesome).

Anyway, if you are able to post it just shoot me an email and let me know so 
I can show her and her group, and thanks ahead of time for playing a small role 
in this project.

Thanks so much!

Ms. Deborah Ward (and Carrie)

For more information about the history of railroading in North America have a look at this – http://www.moverscorp.com/american_railroad_history/

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