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MFMR Convention 2011 – Day 1

Here are some photos from the Meet & Greet on Friday evening sponsored by Don’s HO in Moncton. Sorry, forgot my camera in the car so only had my phone to “capture the moment”.

I’ll apologize in advance for the pictures of Derwin. It really was a great get together. Great conversation and great food (the chowder was amazing!). I’ll say his expression was due to his early (3:00am) wake-up call to drive Shelley and Ashton to catch a bus to Monteal.

Train Set Winner!

Marie Rouleau said she never wins anything, but she bought a ticket on the train set during Island Rails 2009 (the MFMR Convention held on PEI last May) because the proceeds were going to a good cause.  Lo and behold her name was drawn for the train set donated by Don’s HO!

When she picked it up she told me that it would be for her grandson who lives with his parents in Germany (his father is assigned to a NATO unit there).  But he would be home for a visit during the summer and they’d give it to him then.  I asked her to give me a call so I could get a picture to share with members of the MFMR.

TrainSetWinner-09About a week ago I received the call and made arrangements to meet their grandson, Brandon.  His grandfather, Gil, told me that Brandon was so excited to receive the train set that they immediately had to clear the dining room table to set it up and he’d been playing with it non-stop ever since!

Apparently Brandon is about as big a train fan as they come, and he’s only 5 years old!  Instead of dinky cars and action figures he has trains of all shapes and sizes from Thomas to the Polar Express (and that’s what he calls all steam locos).  He loves coming to visit his grandparents. Gill has a model railroad in his basement that he is allowed to play with from time to time.  He also loves where he lives in Germany too, since there is a small privately owned rail yard practically in his back yard.

I invited Brandon and Gill to visit the Bayside and Tidewater before Brandon returned to Germany.  I wish I had taken some photos because he was definitely in his glory (actually I was too busy keeping up with him to take pictures!).  He couldn’t decide what he wanted to look at or which train he would like to run.  I think he ran just about every loco in the room, for a foot or two at least!

It’s encouraging to see a young person this excited by trains, and to be supported by his family.  Hopefully Brandon  settles in the Maritimes when he moves back to Canada so he can participate in the MFMR!


MFMR Contact Info

I’ve updated the Executives page with email addresses for the Executive (at least everyone that has one). However, for future reference their email addresses are:


These addresses are set to forward mail to the appropriate person so that when the position changes hands it will be easy to change where the email gets sent.