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Andrew Castle in MRH

AndrewCastle-MRHAndrew Castle has an article in the October, 2014 issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist on-line magazine.

“I saw my first blue-painted Pam Am Railways locomotives on a 2011 trip to New England. During a stop in Waterville ME I saw MEC 610 waiting to depart with a southbound road freight, I only had time for a quick snapshot of the train, but further railfanning trips to New England convinced me I needed to model one of these units.”

You can read the article by clicking the image at the right, or download the PDF here.  Then skip to page 67.

MFMR Member in the News

Will Lawrence was in the local newspaper – The Enfield Weekly Press. Posted on January 9, 2013 Abby Cameron

Maitland- Who doesn’t love trains; those big lumbering pieces of machinery with the rhythmic clacking, their lonesome whistle as they move on to parts unknown. However, some train enthusiasts have trains that will whistle, and have the rhythmic clacking, but they do not travel very far.

Will Lawrence of Maitland loves to build train models…

Read the whole story…

David Miller in Canadian Railway Modeler

David-MillerAnother “Maritimer in the Magazines” was brought to light over the weekend of the 2011 MFMR Convention.  David Miller of Chester, Nova Scotia, was kind enough to open his layout for viewing by MFMR members during the Convention.  Mr Miller, with the assistance of Duane Porter,  has built a beautiful and very nicely detailed layout in the basement of his home.  During the visit Mr. Miller made a comment about kitbashing an I-Series Sleeper car.  He also mentioned that he had written an article that was published in Canadian Railway Modeler.  Not having a great memory I wasn’t sure if this information had made it’s way to the MFMR web site.  A quick check showed that it had not – so…

The article appeared in Canadian Railway Modeler in Train 16, Track 5 (Volume 16, Issue 5 in CRM speak, or Jan/Feb. 2009)

Back issues of Canadian Railway Modeler can be ordered from their web site.

Ronald Grandmaison in Canadian Railway Modeller

Article-Cover-CRM-compressRonald had a 3 page article in Canadian Railway Modeller in the July-August, 2009 issue. To top it off, one of his photos was selected for the cover of that issue!

Congratulations Ronald!

Jim Simmons – CN Lines Sig

Jim Simmons has had a number of articles published in the CN Lines Magazine (CN Lines Special Interest Group) over the years.  His most recent was about the transition of the CN Halifax Terminal published in Volume 15, Numer 4 of the magazine.

Peter Mesheau

The 2010 Jul/Aug issue of “The Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette” features an article by Peter Mesheau on his HOn30 mini layout, the Moose River Railroad. Four pages of colour photos by Colin Busby on Peter’s efforts. Peter is a “rubber gauger” from way back, as well as a narrow gauge modeler and lives in Sackville, N.B.

Jim Taylor

Jim Taylor had a three page article published in the March/April 2006 issue of N Scale Magazine about How to Build a DCC Decoder Tester/Trainer.

Jim also had a two page illustrated article in the March-April 2006 issue of Canadian Railway Modeller, on Adding a Decoder to an N Scale Track Cleaning Car.

Bob Boudreau

Bob Boudreau models in HO scale, and is starting in On30 scale. His photos and articles have appeared in many magazines, including photo tours of other Maritime model railways. Click here to go to the listing on his website.

Hazen Middleton

Hazen Middleton had an article published in the Oct/Nov 2004 issue of Canadian Railway Modeller on Upgrading a President’s Choice Steam Engine.

Andrew Castle

Andrew Castle had an article on modeling a Wisconsin Central SDL39 in Model Railroader, September 2004