David Miller in Canadian Railway Modeler

Another “Maritimer in the Magazines” was brought to light over the weekend of the 2011 MFMR Convention.  David Miller of Chester, Nova Scotia, was kind enough to open his layout for viewing by MFMR members during the Convention.  Mr Miller, with the assistance of Duane Porter,  has built a beautiful and very nicely detailed layout in the basement of his home.  During the visit Mr. Miller made a comment about kitbashing an I-Series Sleeper car.  He also mentioned that he had written an article that was published in Canadian Railway Modeler.  Not having a great memory I wasn’t sure if this information had made it’s way to the MFMR web site.  A quick check showed that it had not – so…

The article appeared in Canadian Railway Modeler in Train 16, Track 5 (Volume 16, Issue 5 in CRM speak, or Jan/Feb. 2009)

Back issues of Canadian Railway Modeler can be ordered from their web site.

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