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The MFMR was founded in 1985 and is incorporated under the Societies Act in the Province of Nova Scotia. The objects of the group in the incorporation document include:

  • To promote and enhance the hobby of Model Railroading throughout the Maritime Provinces of Canada.
  • To encourage fellowship and interaction among Model Railroaders. The Federation is made up of clubs, groups and individuals whose common aim is the promotion of model railroading and the fellowship derived from the interaction between its practitioners.

Promotion of the hobby is mainly carried out by holding shows and conventions. These are held throughout the Maritimes by member clubs and groups in places accessible to the public.

The Federation is primarily an “umbrella organization” and as such holds an Annual meeting and several Council meetings each year. These are business meetings providing for the governing of of the organization only. Meetings where people gather to socialize and enjoy model railroading through workshops, seminars and work sessions are left to the member clubs and groups. The Federation plays a role in informing members of which clubs are available in their area, the names of contacts, and meeting times. In addition, the Federation keeps information on members’ interests for those looking to form their own group or club.

The Federation as a governing body coordinates activities that involve more than one group, club, or independent member.. The Annual MFMR Convention is a good example – the the event is hosted and run by local groups or clubs, but the times, places and a measure of support is coordinated by the Federation.


The MFMR publishes a newsletter, The Maritime Branchline at least four times a year. The publication provides each member with an account of recent events, club activities, Council news, upcoming events, members’ modeling efforts, and any related subject of interest to the membership.

Members can download past issues of the Brancline here.

A sample issue is available publicly here.