New Brunswick

Groups and Clubs

Model Railroading Groups in New Brunswick

The Saint John Society of Model Railroaders is an informal group of modelers who have been operating an HO scale modular layout since 1984. Meetings are held on the second Friday of the month (Sept. – June), and visitors are welcome to attend the get-togethers every Friday evening from 6:00pm – 9:00pm in a location at the Lancaster Mall (you should contact them in advance to find out the location). Our annual model railroad show,held on the first Saturday in November, has been a major event for us for over 20 years.  Send us a message at or check our web site for more information (click on the logo).

    • Moncton Model Railroad Society

The Moncton Model Railroad Society meets monthly on the first Tuesday of the month. We also sponsor and set up several operating sessions and slide shows throughout the month. We host a train show in April and will soon be hosting several open houses. Please look at the contacts page if you are interested in attending any of our functions. The society is made up of members from all ages and all walks of life. We pay a yearly membership fee and elect officials annually. Click our logo to visit our web site.

The Fredericton Model Railroad Club meets every third Wednesday in members’ homes (not the third Wednesday of the month). For more information you can email Carroll Cameron – or phone him at (506)363-3661. Visit their Club Web Site.

    • Restigouche Model Railroaders

The Restigouche Model Railroaders are located in and around Campbellton, N.B. This is an informal group of modelers who are willing to share various aspects of the hobby. Their are no dues, no formal meetings, a few discussions, and a lot of train operations. We meet on an irregular basis at member’s homes. There are three operating layouts in the Campbellton area all controlled by Digitrax DCC system. Visitors are welcome to join in these operating sessions but need the approval of the host modeler. Contact – Ronald Grandmaison or at (506)753-7862.

    • Temiscouta Model Railroad Engineers

The Temiscouta Model Railroad Engineers is a round robin type of group.  We meet every Friday night in a different members home.   The club is not formally set up: there are no dues, no officers, no minutes, and no hassles!  We just enjoy model railroading. Membership in the group is by invitation only. One layout is N scale – the others are “HO”. The contact person is Normand C. Guinard – 9 Dube Street Edmundston, N.B.  E3V2G1, or by telephone at (506)735-6084 or for email.

    • Codiac Operators Group

The Codiac Operators Group is another round robin group located in the Moncton/Riverview area. The group meets every Tuesday mornings at a different layout for operations. Contact – Jim McMahon by email for more information.

Personal Websites

Here are some personal web sites of people living in New Brunswick. If you know of a site that is not listed here, please let us know about it.

Aroostook Valley Model Railroad – Bob Henry

Carelton Railway – Steve McMullin

Chaleur & Restigouche Railroad – Ronald Grandmaison

Greg's Train Yard – Greg Williams

Wolf Valley – Allan Bishop

Fundy Nothern Railroad – Bob Boudreau

Hampton & St. Martins Railroad – Lou MacIntyre

Island Central Railway – Doug Devine

Model Railroad Photography – Bob Boudreau

Nova Scotia

Groups and Clubs

Model Railroad Groups Located in Nova Scotia

    • Greater Metropolitan Railway Society

No contact available at this time.

    • The Dartmouth Model Railway Club

The Dartmouth Model Railway Club has been in operation since 1994. We currently have 8 to 10 active members and concentrate on HO Gauge modeling primarily. We don’t have a clubhouse, so currently meet on Tuesday evenings in the basement of the home of one of our members in the Woodlawn area of Dartmouth, NS. We are now working on our third layout. For more information on the club please email Dave Stredulinsky at or call him at (902) 434-5605.

    • IWK Railway

A group of volunteers that operate and maintain an O Scale, HO, N and Z Gauge layouts at the IWK Children’s Hospital in Halifax NS. Running time for the Trains Monday to Friday 9:00am – 11:00am.
We meet most Tuesday evening at 7:00pm to clean track and do other repairs to the layouts and operating equipment.  For more information contact Joze Debelie @ (902)477-0731 or Gary Anderson @ (902)477-7442

The Nova Scotia LEGO Users Group is an informal group of adults who enjoy building with LEGO bricks. We displayed our first town/train layout at the annual Truro fall show in October 2002, and have been displaying at other events around the Maritimes since.

We model in L-Gauge, with track and train parts made by LEGO. Most of the members are from Nova Scotia, with a cluster from the HRM area, but we have let in someone from New Brunswick.

For more info on the club, please drop – Gail Meagher an email or visit our website ( ). You don’t need a huge collection of LEGO to join us, or be an incredible modeler, you mainly need to enjoy building with LEGO.

    • The Highland Sipping and Switching Society

The Highland Sipping and Switching Society is an informal group of model railroaders in the Antigonish region. It was started in fall of 1999 as a means to share stories, knowledge, and a general interest in trains of all sizes and shapes. We gather every month or so at member’s homes. There are no dues, structure or rules!

    • Trecothic Creek and Windsor Railroad (TCWR)

Trecothic Creek and Windsor Railroad is a miniature passenger-carrying railway located in a scenic four hectare park in Windsor, N.S. Free rides are provided to the public over our half mile loop of 7.5″ gauge track on Sundays from late June to early September. One eighth size locomotives – live steam, gasoline, and battery powered – pull 15″ wide passenger cars of delighted rail enthusiasts of all ages. Birthday parties for children are our specialty. Further info :

John Harwood
257 Woodside Road
RR 5, Canning, NS

Tel 902 582 3320      Please contact us by email at

    • Breton Model Railway Club (BMRC)

The Breton Model Railway Club (BMRC) gathers every Wednesday evening about 7:00 PM in the basement of the Cossit St. Boxing Club. Business meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month, excluding July and August. The club has been in operation since the early 1980s and features a mid-sized permanent HO layout, a portable modular layout and a wall mounted G scale layout. For information, please email – Glen Smith and include BMRC in the subject line of your message.

The Truro Model Railroaders Association (TMRA) was established in 1977, and it is made up of people who are interested in all aspects of model railroading. The TMRA meets the second Tuesday of each month, September to June, to pursue our interest in trains. Besides discussing club business, we also cover current and upcoming events that the TMRA may be participating in.

Most TMRA members are active model railroaders and some are retired railway workers whose experiences have helped make our club very successful. Most are happy to share their experience, provide advice, and help others facing problems they may already have solved.

Located in beautiful Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada, the Halifax & Southwestern Railway Museum is dedicated to preserving the rich railroading heritage of the area.
Please visit their web site to learn more…

Personal Websites

Here are some personal web sites of people living in Nova Scotia. If you know of a site that is not listed here, please let us know about it.

Jim Taylor’s Train Shop – Jim Taylor

Nottingham Sub – Wayne Woodland

Odds N Ends Railway – Ric Hamilton

White River Southern – Doug Whitman

Prince Edward Island

Groups and Clubs

Model Railroad Groups Located in Prince Edward Island

    • Half Nuts Model Railroaders

Half Nuts Model Railroaders are located in and around Summerside, P.E.I. This is an informal group that grew from a desire to share modeling ideas and help out members with various aspects of layout construction. We meet every Sunday evening at a member’s home. Operating and/or construction sessions begin around 7:00 pm. Visitors are welcome any time, but you should contact us first to find out where the meeting will be! Email – Scott Jay.

Personal Websites

Here are some personal web sites of people living in Prince Edward Island. If you know of a site that is not listed here, please let us know about it.

Bayside & Tidewater – Scott JayCanadisle Rail – Derwin Cole Tom’s Train Room – Tom Gaudet

Other Links

Maritime Groups and Clubs

Model Railroad Groups located in the Maritimes

These groups draw their membership from several Provinces, but mostly from the Maritime region.

The EasterN BeNd RRs is a modular group that promotes N Scale railroading through the use of the Bend Track concept. We operate in both DC and DCC systems. We have a newsgroup that can be used to contact any of our members and branches located throughout the maritime provinces –

The UMG is an HO scale modular group that uses standards based on the Free-Mo concept. Members make their own modules to the group standards and bring them to area train shows to set up. Because we use the Free-Mo concept our layouts can wander – and they sometimes do whether intended or not. Check their website here. E-mail queries to – Scott Jay.

International Groups

Model Railroad Groups with connections to the Maritimes

These groups draw their membership from several Provinces and U.S. States.

The NBR&N is an On30 modular RR built by members of the Little Rhody Division of the NMRA. It depicts a fictional narrow gauge RR in south eastern New England in the 1930’s-40s. We are using a combination of Bend Track and Free-MO.

The NBR&N Northern Division draws members from around the Maritimes. They show their layout at several train shows in the region throughout the year.

You can visit their web site at or you can email the Maritime representative at – Dave McMahon

Model Railroad Directory

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